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Welcome to Accountancy D'hooghe, an experienced and dynamic team that delivers professional services, advice and guidance tailored to your needs.

Every business owner is unique. Each one strives to set him- or herself apart by stressing the aspects of his or her business that make it different, and this is what makes you a successful business owner.

It is for this reason that we at Accountancy D'hooghe believe so strongly in a tailored approach.

By taking advantage of a range of services tailored specifically to your needs, you can devote yourself entirely to what you are good at : expanding your own business.

As your confidential adviser, we translate your numbers and you situation into recommendations that you as a business owner can use to further expand your business.

What's more, you can access your file at any time via a secure web application.

We stay fully up-to-date on current practices. Moreover, in order to examine issues from a broader perspective, we have surrounded ourselves with a network consisting of various specialists ( auditors, notaries, lawyers, etc.).

Knowledge, trust and quality form the foundation of the services we provide as a certified accountant and tax consultant.

We are ready to help you !


Ria D'Hooghe - Director of Accountancy D'Hooghe - Ternat

Ria D'hooghe
Director of Accountancy D'hooghe

Certified tax accountant